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Most Men Manscape ⁠— Why You Should Too!

Wondering what all the chat about manscaping is about? Not sure if its for you? Don’t know where to even start with it? 

You're not alone!

Men around the world are increasingly sharing your dilemma. Modern men have an increased awareness about men’s health and guys’s are caring more about personal hygiene, as well as their appearance.

We appreciate daily shaving is a bit of a pain and the notion of adding more into your daily grooming routine sounds like an effort. Some of you haven’t even felt the need to anything at all. But we also know men are increasingly conscious of their grooming options and improving the condition of their body.

Let us tell you how easy it is, the benefits of taking care of down there and why you should give it a go.


Manscaping- The Popular Choice 

According to a recent poll by Cosmopolitan, 69% of men said they trim their pubes regularly. Not just that, 1/5 admitted to completely shaving it all off, and trend data shows this is on the increase too.

So the vast majority of men are already grooming their pubes. Here’s why you should too:

Feel great. Smell better.

Have you ever experienced a funky smell coming from your junk? Even though you know for a fact you wash yourself daily and feel you take care of your hygiene down there, especially on steamy hot days? 

Here’s why.  

The sweat glands in the groin area secrete fluid into the pubic hair follicles. This means that bacteria, sweat and oil from your hair mixes to create increased sweating and bad odour.

If you decide to go bare down there, you will start to notice how your body will produces less sweat in your groin area and in turn, a noticeable reduction in the funky smell.  

Just as you feel good after visiting to the barbers, removing hair from your groin also helps your skin breath and the sensation of pulling on fresh undies against your bare skin, free balling or even lying in bed against smooth sheets is a lot more enjoyable.

 A Word On Manscaping or Mensgrooming It Right 

So you know how important manscaping is and you can’t wait to grab a razor and get down to business. If you’ve ever manscaped before (or attempted to), you know it’s not that simple.

Shaving ones testes is a bit an anatomical challenge. That’s why we have developed barenuts, designed specifically for the purpose of sensitive hair removal.

We called it barenuts because let’s face it, nothing is quite as refreshing as some bare nuts. You can learn more about it at our store.

While you are there, compliment your newly liberated manhood with some refreshing nutdust, keep yourself feeling silky good.

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