About Us



Welcome to nutcare. We are James and Julie, a Scossie combo and founders of nutcare 

nutcare has successfully been trading in Australia now for three years, and given the success of our revolutionary product range, we thought it sensible to allow the men of the United Kingdom the opportunity to revolutionise their grooming habits!

nutcare's product range has been carefully curated over this period, and we are excited to be launching further products in 2021 as we continue to look after the men of this world!

Our product range increases the opportunity for men to check themselves for the lumps and bumps associated with testicular cancer. We passionately support and aim to increase awareness of men’s health issues. And we hope our products will enable men to more freely talk about self care and men’s health concerns.

So if you are looking to be the new age guy, find comfort or just shake things up for a while, then look no further than nutcare - essential grooming for men.

We’re doing something different at nutcare, but you have probably figured that out already. 

Thanks again for taking the time to learn all about us at nutcare.