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nutcare vasectomy care

Every package deserves a little extra pampering after a vasectomy. That’s why at nutcare , we’ve pulled  together the perfect care  and recovery package for you or someone who you care about after his procedure

Everything you will need before and after a vasectomy to promote optimum comfort, restful relaxation, and a quick healing process..

BV (before vasectomy)

  1. Prepare to loose the hair with barenuts. Your doctor will need to you to remove the hair from down there, so best avoid cuts etc and unwanted swelling. Wipe away hair after barenuts application with the luxury soft bamboo wash mitt.
  2. Freshen up, manage chafing and help prevent sweat and unwanted smells with silky, all natural cooling nutcare body powder.

AV (after Vasectomy)

  1. Ice compress. This is one time where you do not want to risk swelling or inflammation so it is crucial to keep things on ice for a few days. Avoid frozen pea breach all over the couch and bed- the last thing you will want to do, is to bend over and clean them all up! Save the frozen peas for cooking and help protect your skin with our insulated fabric and leak free rehab and recover Cool nuts ice/pack #staycool #savethepeas
  2. The right underwear. You will need supportive, breathable, soft underwear.  Comfynuts couldn’t be more comfy.  Luxury handpicked breathable and antibacterial bamboo fabric against sensitive skin is all you are going to want.
  3. Don’t squeeze into too tight trousers after your procedure, you will need Loose drawstring pants that can be worn to the doctor’s office on the day of the procedure and resting at home after. Snug nuts loungewear set is made from luxury handpicked breathable and antibacterial fabric, the ultimate gear to hang loose and to rest and recover in.
  4. Keep your nutcare products at hand and on the go with the stylish mansized premium quality travel and toiletry bag.
  5. Celebration balloons- Yes that’s right! Celebrating your new found freedoms wouldn’t be the same without balloons!!  Snip Snip Hooray, No more babies and 100% Seedless juice balloons in masculine monochrome colours complete the perfect vasectomy care package!

Life after Vasectomy

Now you are all recovered and living your best life (remember to get that follow up test before enjoying it to the full), you will have experienced the health and lifestyle benefits of self-care and personal grooming and you can continue to feel the difference with nutcare’s range of products designed specifically for men’s unique skin care needs  and top up your collection with smooth nuts anti-aging silky smooth moisturiser for sensitive skin areas.  You’ll thank us later.


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